Cyanoacrylate lash glue

Cyanoacrylate Lash Glue: High-Quality, Customizable, Made in China

Welcome to ZDSlashes, the leading manufacturer and wholesaler of top-quality cyanoacrylate lash glue. We specialize in providing exceptional adhesive solutions for eyelash extensions. With our commitment to excellence and customizable options, we are your trusted supplier for all your lash glue needs.

Products Name
Eyelash Glue
Customization & Logo
Private label
Curing Time
Shelf Life
6months (room temperature) 8-10months (refrigerated)
Operation Temperature
When temperature is 18-25°C, 50-70%
Maintenance Time(days)
60-70 days

Our Cyanoacrylate Lash Glue

Premium Quality Ingredients

Our cyanoacrylate lash glue is crafted using premium quality ingredients that ensure a strong and durable bond. It is specifically formulated to deliver reliable adhesion, keeping eyelash extensions securely in place.

Safe and Free from Harsh Chemicals

We prioritize the safety and comfort of your clients. Our lash glue is made without harmful ingredients, offering a gentle formula suitable for even the most sensitive eyes. Rest assured that our adhesive provides a secure bond while keeping potential irritations at bay.

Customizable Solutions

As a leading eyelash glue manufacturer based in China, we offer flexible customization options to meet your unique requirements. Whether you need private labeling, custom packaging, or specific formulations, we have the expertise to provide tailored solutions that align with your brand vision.

Wholesale Availability

ZDSlashes is proud to offer our high-quality cyanoacrylate lash glue at competitive wholesale prices. By working directly with us as the manufacturer, you can enjoy cost savings and consistent product quality. Our efficient production processes ensure timely delivery and reliable stock availability.

Collaborate with ZDSlashes Today

When it comes to finding superior cyanoacrylate lash glue, ZDSlashes is your ultimate partner. As a trusted manufacturer and wholesaler, we prioritize quality, safety, and customization. Our lash glue ensures a reliable and long-lasting bond, providing exceptional results for your clients.

Partner with us to elevate your eyelash business. Whether you are a lash technician, salon owner, or distributor, we are committed to supporting your success. Contact us today to learn more about our cyanoacrylate lash glue, wholesale options, and the customization services we offer. Trust ZDSlashes as your premier eyelash glue supplier and manufacturer.


A: Cyanoacrylate is a key ingredient found in many lash glues. It is a fast-drying adhesive that forms a strong and durable bond when applied to the lashes. Cyanoacrylate-based lash glues provide excellent adhesion and are commonly used in the eyelash extension industry.

A: Yes, ethyl 2 cyanoacrylate is a type of cyanoacrylate commonly used in lash glues. It shares similar adhesive properties with other cyanoacrylate compounds and is known for its strong bonding capabilities.

A: Yes, there are alternative eyelash glues available that do not contain cyanoacrylate. These glues may use different ingredients to create the bonding effect. If you have sensitivities or allergies to cyanoacrylate, it’s advisable to look for lash glues specifically marketed as cyanoacrylate-free.

A: Yes, there are eyelash glues available on the market that are formulated without cyanoacrylate. These glues are designed to provide a secure bond while minimizing potential irritations or allergic reactions associated with cyanoacrylate-based adhesives. It’s recommended to check the product labels or consult with beauty professionals to find suitable options.

A: Branding your eyelash business involves creating a unique identity and positioning in the market. Consider the following steps:

  1. Define your target audience and understand their needs.
  2. Develop a compelling brand name, logo, and visual identity.
  3. Create a professional website and establish a strong online presence.
  4. Craft a consistent brand message and communicate it across all marketing channels.
  5. Offer high-quality products, exceptional customer service, and unique value propositions.
  6. Collaborate with influencers or industry experts to expand your reach.
  7. Engage with your audience through social media, email marketing, and educational content.
  8. Seek customer feedback and continuously improve your products and services.

A: The choice of lash glue varies among lash technicians based on personal preferences, client needs, and adhesive performance. While cyanoacrylate-based glues are commonly used in the industry, lash techs may have different preferences for specific brands or formulations that align with their techniques and clientele. It’s recommended to consult with experienced lash techs or professionals to understand the popular options and choose the one that suits your requirements.

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